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It can be adjusted for close or remote ventilation without space constraints. Have deep practice experience and rich experience in adjusting Qi,

  • What are the cosmetic effects of Chinese medicine Qigong?

    What are the cosmetic effects of Chinese medicine Qigong?[Intro]

  • What are the benefits of practicing Qigong on the human body?

    What are the benefits of practicing Qigong on the human body?Effect on the nervous systemPracticing qigong can repair and adjust nerve function. The EEG during qigong exercise increased the amplitude of the alpha wave and concentrated on the frontal part (this is the main difference between the α wa…[Intro]

  • Chinese Qigong is insisting on it

    "Treat illness and strengthen health without illness", which is the summary of Qigong function of predecessors. In recent years, with the widespread spread spread of Qigong, the practice of millions of people has further confirmed the previous summary of the role of Qigong in disease…[Intro]

  • How does Qigong breathe?

    To learn and practice Health Qigong, we must first understand the special features of breathing in the practice of Health Qigong, and learn to practice breathing as a key subject in the study of Health Qigong.1. How does Qigong breathe?Abdominal breathingThis is the common breathing method used in Qi…[Intro]

  • Sit and forget to cultivate

    From Chuang Tzu Master[1], its original text is: Yan Hui said: "Huiyi is enough." Zhongni said, "What is it?" He said, "Forget benevolence and righteousness." Said: "Yes, not yet." He saw him again the next day and said, "It's good for you." Said:…[Intro]

  • The spleen effect of Qigong heart

    Qigong is a kind of physical and mental exercise method that strengthens the body, prolongs life and defends itself. There are many kinds of qigong methods. We don't know how to exercise, but in fact, Qigong is worth learning. Below is a small series. Get up and understand the spleen ef…[Intro]