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Sit and forget to cultivate
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From Chuang Tzu Master

[1], its original text is: Yan Hui said: "Huiyi is enough." Zhongni said, "What is it?" He said, "Forget benevolence and righteousness." Said: "Yes, not yet." He saw him again the next day and said, "It's good for you." Said: "What is it?" Said: "Forget etiquette and enjoy it!" Said: "Yes, not yet." He saw him again the next day and said, "It's good for you!" Said: "What is it?" Said: "Sit back and forget it." Zhongni Curan said, "What is sitting and forgetting?" Yan Hui said, "To deprive one's limbs, to depose one's wisdom and to know from the outside is the same as Datong, which is called sitting and forgetting." Zhongni said, "The same is not good, but the change is impermanent. And if it is virtuous! Qiu also invites later. This is a fictitious dialogue between Confucius and Yan Hui. This article starts with Yan Hui's "benefit". First, he forgets benevolence and righteousness, and then forgets etiquette and music. Confucius has negated it gently with "yet" in succession, meaning that he has not forgotten thoroughly enough until he extends the psychological process of sitting and forgetting, and forgets thoroughly. Confucius calls him a virtuous man, and expresses his wish to follow. Since Chuang Tzu put forward the idea of "sitting and forgetting", it has a history of more than 2000 years. Its strong introversion has been playing a great role in Chinese art, philosophy and other fields. By the time of Neo-Confucianism in Song and Ming Dynasties, especially Wang Yangming, meditation had been used as a psychological training method to deal with the real world, instead of pursuing religious realm.

[2]. By making the life system tend to be infinitely open, the best functional state of balance and harmony, to achieve human self-body and heart communication to achieve physical and mental integration, so that the human spirit and body become a harmonious unity of life. At this time, all awareness of the outside world was removed from consciousness, and all internal psychological vitality also ceased, but there was a sense of pure consciousness and clarity without any other content. Once this special state of consciousness emerges, the ability to directly perceive things—perception—is greatly enhanced. In psychological terms, it is a state in which a person truly corresponds to himself and beyond. In this state, people have full awareness and grasp of reality. It's not just using the brain, it's just using any other part of the body, but using all the body to detect this reality. It can be seen that the psychological training process of forgetting can not only help people to enter a state of self-care, self-discharge and self-experience, but also can effectively overcome the psychological burden and psychological pressure, and at the same time, by experiencing the benign psychological environment induced by sitting and forgetting state, To overcome the adverse psychological environment of mental illness, it has very important research significance and application value for real life and clinical psychotherapy and rehabilitation. What you can do is to be static, and to restore the vitality, physical and mental health to achieve the best balance in this special static, and even to develop the potential of the human body. Zhuangzi thinks.

[3], only through the "heart" and "sit and forget" can achieve the highest level of physical and mental, in order to "have appropriate things." For "Xin Zhai", Zhuangzi explained: "No listening to the ear, but listening to the heart. No listening to the heart, but listening to the temper. Listening to the ear, the heart stops at the symbol. Qi also, the virtual And those who wait for things are also. The only way is to set the virtual. The virtual is also the same, the heart is also." In other words, to treat all things with a quiet heart, to maintain the inner air. For Zhaizi's explanation, Zhuangzi's explanation is that “the body is squatting, wise, detached, and wise, and the same as Datong.” That is, it is freed from the desires of physiology and knowledge, and throws away all the considerations and considerations. Through these two introspective efforts, people can reach the realm of "virtual", "quiet" and "clear", without desire or demand, and print everything. He said: "The sage is also quiet, not quiet and good, so quiet. Everything is not enough to seduce, so quiet... The heart of the saint is quiet, the insight of the heavens and the earth, the mirror of all things... The ignorance of loneliness and inaction, the foundation of all things." This kind of realm is to eliminate all interference, quiet and self-defense, stop the analysis and judgment of things, let the heart print everything like a mirror, connect with the heavens and the earth, the subject and the guest, the mystery I.

[4], emphasizing and affirming the true meaning of the soul, constantly looking for the soul of the spirit of harmony, harmony and satisfaction. On the one hand, from the perspective of avoidance of the world and self-comfort, it can relieve people's psychological pressure to a certain extent; on the other hand, it can also make people work together to pursue a higher personality and a higher goal. This is in line with the character that people need to settle and dispose of themselves, and provides people in real life with leisure, quiet and appropriate emotional care. The so-called sitting, not just sitting and sitting, sitting posture is just a way of behavior in people's lives. The sitting here is based on correct posture, reconciling breathing, and adjusting the mind, so that people's thinking activities gradually enter a static state, and they get true in silence. This is really the innate power of birth. It is infuriating. Due to the normal and abnormal physical energy consumption in people's daily life and work, they have lost so much that they endanger their health and life. Therefore, we can only re-recognize it and acquire it in meditation and various cultivations, so that our body can be strengthened again.

[5] is to let go of everything, get rid of all unnecessary thoughts, gain new energy in the silence, and use this to repair and stimulate new vitality, calm the mood, and weaken the bad spirits and psychology such as mood swings and infinite thoughts. The activity interferes with the normal physiological functions of the human body, and objectively reduces the metabolism to the lowest point required for life activities, reducing the excessive consumption and overdraft of the human body. This is the same as that of the Chinese medicine practitioners, as in the "Su Wen, Ancient Innocent Theory", said: "The gloom is nothing, the instinct is from it, the spirit is kept, the illness is always." This is the truth. Therefore, the role of sitting and forgetting is to calm down to raise the spirit, the peace of mind is the gods, and the gods are angry. In addition, the psychological operation process provided by sitting and forgetting is not independent of the physical body, and “sitting” itself is the daily body posture. It can be seen that sitting and forgetting to cultivate is also to emphasize the unity of the body. However, sitting and forgetting from the ancient Chinese traditional culture, its role in cultivation and cultivation is not inferior to Indian yoga and meditation, but its influence is far less than the latter, and it is incorporated into psychological methods for psychological clinical practice. There is almost no practice in rehabilitation, and there is an urgent need for scientific evidence for its research. Therefore, applying modern science and technology to detect and express its connotation is an arduous exploration and innovation work, and it is also a historical mission that we must shoulder. This is another meaning that this article should express.

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