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It can be adjusted for close or remote ventilation without space constraints. Have deep practice experience and rich experience in adjusting Qi,

  • Customer Testimonials

    Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Zhihao. I am a junior high school student in the seventh grade. I am 12 years old this year. Today is the 70th anniversary of the motherland! ! Motherland, happy birthday! In this special festival, talk about my feelings about Qigong! Talking about …[Intro]

  • Customer Testimonials

    I am a third-grade elementary school student who is 9 years old this year. On September 24th, my eyes are red. Tears hurt when I look at things. After school in the afternoon, I didn’t have time to adjust my anger after I went home to work. I contacted Li’s remote doctor. It’s not painful for 15 m…[Intro]

  • What is magical green therapy!

    I am here to tell you about what is magical green therapy! On August 23, 2019, I had a problem with my body due to emotional fluctuations. Insomnia and more dreams, the neck hurts badly, and the shoulder hurts. At this time, I will contact Li to pass the doctor. I spent the rest of the night quietly …[Intro]

  • Gas regulation case

    I am a lover of love in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. My name is Jing Jing. Phone: 13296354444. Once, I had a terrible back pain, and I was weak. After a night, I had a herpes on my chest. After an hour of conditioning, my body was relaxed, my mind was concentrated, my feet were hot, and…[Intro]

  • Harassment

    Harassment is smooth.My name is Liu Hongli. I am 58 years old. I am an ordinary cadre of the Medical Insurance Bureau of Lueyang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. In recent years, I went to the countryside to help the poor. I usually work very busy.In June 2019, because I edited and tidyed up …[Intro]

  • Li Juan Qigong conditioning month case

    My name is Li Shan. At the age of 25, because during the growth period, due to the cold, the joint pain and kidney pain, the Chinese medicine Western medicine have been treated, the effect is not good, but it is getting heavier.An accidental opportunity to meet Li Juan teacher, using intelligent Qigo…[Intro]

  • Remote Qigong - Qigong Heart Conditioning

    Qigong heart conditioningWith the remote control treatment that Mr. Li regularly scheduled, the body's suffocating days have different good changes.Teacher Li, I have tested my heart a lot since I went to Vietnam at the end of last year. Connecting the bus for 6.7 hours, in addition to the diffic…[Intro]

  • Remote Qigong - Qigong conditioning lungs and organs

    Qigong conditioning lungs and organs The feeling of remote treatment: Relaxing your body will slowly feel the squirming of a certain position in the body, then the stomach will sometimes scream, become soft, the body becomes lighter, the whole person's brain is cool and relaxed, in this Un…[Intro]

  • Remote qigong remote control experience

    Qigong conditioning eyesThe experience of remote control and anger - Narrator Xu Fengyuan I am a Liaocheng native. I am 66 years old. I have been practicing for many years. I have been practicing for a long time. I didn’t go deep into it. However, my physical condition is still improving. I have…[Intro]

  • "Mixed overall" power, life sciences miracle

    "Mixed overall" power, life sciences miracle I am from Qingdao, 62 years old. Because of nearly 40 years of stomach and knee disease. I came to Liaocheng in April this year to accept Li’s qigong treatment, and I have a lot of sentiments. Hearing and hearing, Li’s name is well-de…[Intro]

  • The best choice for face conditioning in the treatment of prostate disease

    The best choice for treating prostate disease I am a retired doctor. I am 72 years old. I have been suffering from chronic prostatic hyperplasia for more than ten years. I have frequent urination, dysuria, nocturia, urine, scrotum, and perineal pain. Because of the fear of surgery, I …[Intro]

  • Face conditioning corneal edema leads to amblyopia patients

    Corneal edema leads to amblyopia patientsBelieve that one miracle will happen here My child has amblyopia due to corneal edema. To this end, I ran a number of hospitals and visited many famous doctors. The only conclusion is that I have to change the cornea for my child. However, after shift…[Intro]