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Harassment is smooth.

My name is Liu Hongli. I am 58 years old. I am an ordinary cadre of the Medical Insurance Bureau of Lueyang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. In recent years, I went to the countryside to help the poor. I usually work very busy.

In June 2019, because I edited and tidyed up the materials for a few days in a row, the head appeared hot inside and hot, the brain was messy, unable to clean, and it was difficult to fall asleep at night, suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, and had dry mouth and appetite. , unable to speak, unable to walk, top-heavy and other phenomena. Then I felt the inside of the back of the body faintly hurt. But I am still insisting on working in the countryside.

 On the 21st, my unit WeChat group sent me a video about the occurrence of myocardial infarction and rescue treatment. In the process of watching, my heart hurts and I don't care. In the same night, my heartache hurt twice, and my heart was shocked: "My heart is sick." Then there is no drowsiness. One night, the pain in the heart area happened again, like the "angina pectoris" in medicine, which lasted for about two seconds. I got up and sat down to the bed, licked the heart area, took a nap, put a fart, and the pain was released. When I lay down again, I felt the blood of my heart rushing to the neck and head. I couldn't sleep at all. I had to get up and sit on the sofa. I wanted to close my eyes and wait for the dawn, but my mind was in the dragon and the phoenix danced.

 This is a kind reminder that I care about my heart. So I took the decision decisively.

Resting at home is good, but I can't calm down, just go to the place to practice. So I went to a practice field in Xi'an to practice, and the exercises were to lift up the shackles. I know that the practice of raising the gas is wrong for someone like me who is not "transparent", but where can I find a place to practice building a foundation?

         One night during the practice, when the students met in the teacher's group to adjust the atmosphere, I closed my eyes and relaxed, and realized the gas field. I suddenly felt that there was an upward momentum in the gas field here, and I also took my The heart begins to jump upwards. I quickly opened my eyes and left the venue. In the middle of the night, I suddenly felt the blood of my heart rushing upwards, squeaking in my mind, and then carefully understanding it. It felt like the heart was deviating from the original position, and all the blood was pumping blood to the head. "Not good, this is for me to have high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage." So I immediately fled the practice field and went home.

After returning home, there is often a sense of discomfort on the air. On this day, the pain in my back was even worse. I first thought of Li Juan’s "Shun Qi Law" and made an appointment for the remote treatment in WeChat.

At 8 o'clock on the evening of July 26, I relaxed and stood up at home on time. I feel that the teacher's "qi" came over. I felt a sudden feeling of sinking in my body, then the feeling of the face pulling down, followed by the tearing of the heart in the chest, still hurting. After a while, I felt that my legs were bleeding, my legs and feet felt heavy, and I felt that my body stood firm. Later, I felt the feeling of coldness in my lower back. I think it should be cool and discharged. Let's go. In this way, an hour soon passed, and the heart seemed to return to its original position, and the comfortable taste returned. I slept a good night. In the next few days, there will be no obvious "gas reversal".

Teacher Li’s method of shun is really good, effective, timely and convenient.

I think, just ask for another vacation, find out how good the teacher is in the face, and adjust the blood of the body to be smooth and even, completely eliminating the hidden dangers of heart disease. Because there is still a lot of work to wait for me to finish. So I arrived at Teacher Li on August 1, 2019 to continue to take care of the situation.

(Liu Hongli phone is 13992653121 WeChat with the same number)

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