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It can be adjusted for close or remote ventilation without space constraints. Have deep practice experience and rich experience in adjusting Qi,

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公司名:China Li Juan Qigong  click:2  date:2019/10/9 15:52:00

        I am a lover of love in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. My name is Jing Jing. Phone: 13296354444. Once, I had a terrible back pain, and I was weak. After a night, I had a herpes on my chest. After an hour of conditioning, my body was relaxed, my mind was concentrated, my feet were hot, and my breath was slowly coming from my head to my feet. . The whole person's brain is empty, and the whole world is feeling quiet. Later, he continued to temper. After a while, his stomach hurts. In the depths of his stomach, a bubble and a bubble are moving. The back does not hurt. The whole person is also spirited. After a while, I messed up with something, and I scratched it with something. After a few minutes, I felt a sense of running water from the crotch to the ankle. Later, the time was very sleepy. The whole body became very relaxed and relaxed. . Later, under the guidance of Teacher Li, when I got home, I became habitually hooked. So after I stopped modulating my body, my body was still changing. I felt like big stools, usually more urine. I have a good mood for 5 days. My body is very good. I like to adjust my breath. I am very happy when I am in a good mood. Air conditioning time November 23, 2018

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