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It can be adjusted for close or remote ventilation without space constraints. Have deep practice experience and rich experience in adjusting Qi,

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公司名:China Li Juan Qigong  click:2  date:2019/10/9 15:53:20

Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Zhihao. I am a junior high school student in the seventh grade. I am 12 years old this year.

        Today is the 70th anniversary of the motherland! !

      Motherland, happy birthday! In this special festival, talk about my feelings about Qigong!

        Talking about my chance to get acquainted with qigong, but the time is a bit long, probably nine years ago! Because my mother is in poor health, an accidental chance to get to know Li Juan and Auntie, listening to her mother, it should be from the age of three, I will follow Li Juan’s aunt and practice the wall. I haven’t interrupted it since I was a child. I remember that Auntie’s hand was magical. For example, I caught a cold. Aunt’s hand waved in front of my eyes. I was not standing still for a while. I lay in bed and slept. I felt a sweat and didn’t have a fever. I didn’t have a headache. Another time, my mouth was full of mouthfuls and I didn’t dare to eat anything. Later, the aunt gave me a temper once, so I didn’t feel so painful, I dared to eat it. I probably tempered three times. Well, there are too many things like this... In this way, after I was ill, under the supervision of my mother, for nearly nine years, I have practiced wall exercises when I have time, I have not eaten a pill, a wall, Auntie Jiajia thought of qi, the disease is good, this is my childhood memories of face-to-face temperament!

        Let me talk about my feelings of remote treatment. On September 20th, 2019, in the past few days, I have been awake in the middle of the night. Because my legs are cramping, it is estimated that my body is too long. My mother asked Auntie to treat me remotely. After a while, I felt that my legs were particularly heavy. Like a shot put, I stopped for a while, and it felt like a lot lighter. On the second day, I felt very light, and I also had a runny nose, sneezing, oh... ... This is a phenomenon of gas-sucking lesions. Because I often ventilate, these basic ones know a little. After rushing out of these wastes, I feel that my mind is very clear. During class, I concentrate on listening to the lesson, and I don’t feel struggling, from elementary school to the present. My grades have always been in the middle and upper reaches, the Xiaosheng first exam, and also won the school's special award. I feel that Qigong is amazing! I have to practice the wall work well, and my mother often tells me that she said that your aunt said that the wall work is like playing the foundation of the building, releasing the waist and being able to practice in the future, and then, once it is ill. I also care about it. I keep it in my heart, practice it silently, and dream that when I grow up, I can adjust the illness and cure the disease like aunt, and save one's life to build a seven-level float! There is no longer any pain in people! I want to save the suffering people with my aunt! Thank you for listening! Grateful to the aunt to save the benefactor!

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