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Chinese Qigong is insisting on it
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       "Treat illness and strengthen health without illness", which is the summary of Qigong function of predecessors. In recent years, with the widespread spread spread of Qigong, the practice of millions of people has further confirmed the previous summary of the role of Qigong in disease prevention and treatment. Here are the benefits of practicing Qigong for healthy people.

1. Preventive health care

With the development of society, people's daily life rhythm is faster and faster, and the degree of psychological tension is also higher and higher. Long-term psychological tension will reduce the immunity of the body, cause the body's physiological dysfunction, leading to functional and even organic lesions. Therefore, to be good at learning to relax in time in a tense rhythm is very necessary for fitness and disease prevention. Qigong exercise can play this role effectively. Practice has proved that long-term practitioners are not easy to fatigue, usually feel energetic, rarely suffering from colds and other diseases.

(2) Shh Word Skills

Mouth shape: The lips are slightly closed, with transverse force. The tip of the tongue is slightly forward and inward. The sides of the tongue are slightly rolled up in the middle. The teeth show slight cracks and exhale outward.

Efficacy: Shh word skill can relieve liver qi and treat eye diseases. For liver fire, liver Qi deficiency, liver enlargement, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, dry eyes, dizziness, etc., have curative effect.

(3) Hazigong

Mouth: Half mouth, tip of tongue against jaw, pull back slightly, edge of tongue against lower teeth.

Efficacy: Hazigong can invigorate heart-qi, treat palpitation, angina pectoris, insomnia, memory loss, perspiration, tongue erosion, tongue stuffing and other diseases.

(4) Call Work Method

Mouth shape: mouth like tubular, lip like cylinder, tongue flat, upward slightly rolled, stretched forward. This mouthpiece can pull air from the body out of the mouth.

Efficacy: Huzigong can invigorate temper, Treat Spleen deficiency, spleen-stomach discord, diarrhea, abdominal distention, edema, muscle atrophy, indigestion, loss of appetite, hematochezia, limb weakness, and female menstrual disorders.

(5) Yanzigong

Mouth pattern: The lips are slightly retracted and the upper and lower teeth are opposite. The tip of the tongue is placed in the gap between the two teeth and pronounced outward from the teeth.

Efficacy: Zigong method can invigorate lung qi, treat exogenous cold, fever, cough, sputum and saliva upwelling, back pain, chills, shortness of breath, low frequency of urine and other symptoms.

(6) Blowing Work

Mouth shape: mouth slightly open, corners slightly backward, tongue slightly upward and slightly backward.

Efficacy: Blowing Chinese characters can invigorate kidney qi, and can treat lumbar and leg weakness, lumbar and leg cold pain, astringent eyes, hot flashes, night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, and uterine asthenia and cold, teeth shaking, alopecia and other symptoms.

(7) Xie Zigong

Mouth shape: lips slightly open and slightly buckled in, tongue slightly stretched and contracted, tongue tip down, and accompanied by a self-satisfied look of laughter, happy mood.

Efficacy: Hezigong Hair Regulates the Qi of Three Jiao. It can treat tinnitus, dizziness, dizziness, sore throat, chest and abdomen, and unfavorable urination caused by Three Jiao Blockage. 

Characteristics of Qigong


First, the meridians, acupoints, and qi and blood theory are the theoretical basis of Chinese Qigong. Chinese traditional medicine includes rich content, and Qigong is a magnificent pearl of Chinese traditional medicine treasure house. Meridian, acupoint, and qi and blood theory are theories of traditional Chinese medicine and the theoretical basis of Chinese Qigong. Meridians, acupoints, and blood are very complex human phenomena. It can be explained simply and vividly: the meridian is the channel through which the blood runs, and the acupoint is the entrance and exit of the blood.

The reason for Qigong fitness rickets is that the acupoints are benignly stimulated, and the blood and blood run smoothly in the meridians.

Heaven and man

Chinese Qigong embodies the holistic view of the unity of nature and man, the unity of man and nature, and the unity of form and spirit.

China's Qigong emphasizes the unity of nature and man. There is a close and inseparable connection between man and nature. The human body is affected by factors such as climate and environment. China Qigong attaches importance to the dynamic adaptation of people and nature.

Chinese Qigong emphasizes the unity of people and society. The social environment has a close relationship with people's health and disease. China's Qigong practice emphasizes that people must adapt to society.

Chinese Qigong emphasizes the unity of form and spirit. Qigong is a self-physical and physical exercise method with Chinese characteristics. It can not only improve the physiological function of the human body, but also improve the psychological function of the human body. Qigong improves the physiological functions and psychological functions of the human body at the same time. The two are related to each other and restrict each other.

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