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The difference between Chinese Qigong exercise methods and other exercise methods
公司名:China Li Juan Qigong  click:12  date:2019/4/19 15:22:59

Qigong exercise method:

  Let me talk about the difference between Qigong exercise and other exercise methods: (1) Other exercise methods focus on "shape", while Qigong pays attention to "qi", "qigong" as the name suggests, is the use of "qi", through the use of “Qi” solves the problem that other exercise methods can't solve. (2) "Italian" is the handsome of Qi, "qi" is the field of blood, through the traction of ideas, the driving of the air machine, the deepening of the breathing, and the increase of the blood flow rate, thereby strengthening the body and eliminating stubborn diseases. (3) The main points of qigong exercise, slow and steady, the mind should be placed in the body, and the body's air machine changes, that is, the inward use of consciousness. (4) Emotional skills, adjustment and cultivation.

The content of Qigong is profound and profound, and the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let's start with the physical form, exercise, and then step by step to introduce the students to the essence of Qigong.

I have nearly 30 years of practice experience, according to the specific situation of the students, privately tailored reasonable exercises, and tracking information gradually adjust the students, the depth of the required exercises, students in need plus WeChat and QQ.

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